Happy May Day! It’s Guide Season.

Happy May Day! It’s Guide Season.

We made it to May. After several weeks of being shut down with a standing “stay at home order”, Governor Bullock has begun slowly opening the state’s economy. We are currently in Phase 1 of a 3 phases reopening. Phase 1 and 2, allow us to run guided fishing trips but we are limited to guiding only Montanans and out of state visitors as long as they have quarantined for 14 days. Guides must follow strict cleaning protocols for boats and vehicles. Get ready for the cleanest guide equipment you have ever seen. 

Fishing is absolutely spectacular out there. The Flathead River is a little big and muddy but our smaller rivers as well lakes are fishing really well. Check out our latest fishing report to know what to throw out there.

We are looking forward to May. We hope the Covid-19 curve continues to dissipate and we look forward to quite a few days out on the water. We have got some great fishing ahead of us. Big stoneflies are about to pop and stillwater fishing is only gonna improve. Bars might actual open too. What more could you ask for?  

Stop by Lary’s Fly and Supply as well as Truewater fly shop to get all the up to date beta on the fishing around the valley. You can also contact me directly at mark@wildmontanaanglers.com.

Have a great weekend!


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