Flathead River Fishing Report 8-18-18

Flathead River Fishing Report 8-18-18

Fire! That has been the topic of discussion this week. Stay away from the park as fire continues to rage. The Howe Ridge Fire has reached over 3,500 acres. This is a serious issue every year. Please keep the folks fighting these in your thoughts as the hot summer continues.

Lucky for us the trout don’t seem to care about the wildfires. Fishing has held its own as the hot temps fight back. Fishing a dry fly continues to be the most effective way to target trout. Cutthroats have been looking up to mayflies, midges, ants, hoppers, and caddis. Get ready for more of this fantastic dry fly fishing to continue!

There have been reports of folks nymphing with some success. Dropping a small nymph off the back of a Hopper or Chubby can be a great way to target trout that may be feeding sub-surface. Our favorite droppers are the Red Copper John, Cat Woman, and Silverman’s Lightning Bug Softy. Stonefly imitations are always a good bet when it comes to western rivers. Try fishing a simple Pat’s Rubberleg under an indicator if you can’t get a fish to rise to a dry fly.

At this point in the summer, the Flathead River starts to slow down. Hot temps in the middle of the day can drive fish to the bottom of the river, reluctant to feed. Fishing early in the morning and late in the afternoon is easily the best time to get on the water. At these hours, trout take advantage of the cooler temps and feed when they can.

The Purple Haze has become a staple for fishing on the Flathead River in the summer. Fish this early in the mornings for the best luck. As the day heats up try fishing terrestrials such as a tan hopper or black ant. These continue to catch trout, even on the hottest days. Later in the evening, as the sun fades, look for midges and caddis to be prevalent.

Keep the folks In Glacier National Park in your thoughts as we continue to fight these natural disasters. From everyone at Wild Montana Anglers have a great week, and happy fishing!


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